In the process of finishing this work I wrote more and more songs about specific guys and gals and so finally these coalesced in an album with a yearbook theme. At the same time I cherished the title Star, Life and Eagle, literally found in the novel “The Secret History of Twin Peaks” by Mark Frost. So, the girls and boys got divvied up in scouts of these different ranks. In the end I had to work out the order of the songs and fill in some gaps. The opening song ‘(let’s bring in the) Star Scouts!’ introduces Diana (in a moon travel story quoting Jules Verne’s “Round the Moon”), Daisy G, Julienne and Barbara as Star scouts. ‘Square Guys in Knitting Circles’ had to be in spot #6 and introduce the Life (and in this case: boy) scouts Michael (a hurricane antropomorphized), a guy doing the whole Charles Atlas thing (thanks “Mindhunter” screenwriters), Everett and probably myself (or at least half-heartedly). Last but not least, #11 introduces the Eagle scouts (Anne, Nancy and Pinar). You can read more about the stories behind each song when streaming the particular song on Bandcamp. 













there ain’t no women drawn to the light

well there ain’t no men in town tonight

the boy scouts take you for a ride

and the girl scouts aim for the rank of Life


look at all those people

they run around in circles

all the time

the boy scouts take you to the other side

and the girl scouts aim for the rank of Life


let’s bring in the girl scouts!

let’s bring in the boy scouts!

let’s bring in the star scouts!

a warm welcome to the star scouts



go to the moon

you won’t be there soon

sad sucker drawn to the light


all our telescopes

are hoping to grope

Diana and satellite

will be in the sky tonight


panic ensued

when they finally got glued

as they set foot on the darkest side


all the anxious souls

at Mission Control

Diana and satellite

will they radio in tonight?


we all thought you were an astronaut

but on lunar ground you just drove around

you planted a rag instead of the flag

you didn’t search for rocks but aimlessly walked

I know that you had a different kind of plan in your mind

don’t you know that you won’t make it back in time?


meanwhile on Earth

our footage got blurred

we decided to cut the line


someone went back here

through the atmosphere

Diana and satellite

made it to the other side

Diana and satellite

Diana and satellite



I used to hide out from girls and boys

went up on the roof

and then I’d stare at the moon


I used to buy her a soda pop

we would walk in the park

and she would just shake it up


CH oh Daisy G. remember me

I know you from upstate

the fading daylight, a graceful smile

from the days we used to spin our 45s

we trashed the worst of them, so happy all the time


I used to sign up for baseball camp

but when the summer arrived

I was already on crack

I used to watch her from across the room

she was never noticing me

until I started to drool  CH


you and I are in a separate match

together we are a beautiful mess


HCO3 from the back of my mind

in chemistry class I saw you for the last time

Daisy G., Bunsen burner in hand

you set us on fire and killed every man



Julienne, why did you go?

she has been to places she dreamed about I know

Julienne, no-one at home

we said goodbye, fighting back the tears and faking a smile


me, you and everyone we know

our hearts skip a beat when we find the love we need

but Julienne you wander around the streets

and saw your family sitting around the Christmas tree


well, that’s great

two people, a red string of fate

well, that’s great

before you know it, it’s already too late


(you gotta face’m all, and if you don’t you will face the wall)



Barbara, the sun sets low

oh Barbara, with her pretty eyes closed

oh Barbara, an adventure it seems

Barbara basks in the glow of gratitude


she is all I need

her heart beats

faster when I’m around

and tickle her feet

she’s so sad in solitude

oh Barbara basks in the glow of gratitude



drape the yarn over the tip of the

left-handed …, guys come on

stop smoking weed in class


CH  if the truth be known

in parallax

I’d like to go home

and change my sex

back to man


square guys in knitting circles

like to jump from the roof

and hit the pavement below


knit about 5 stitches

stop to pull …, you must be jokin’ man

I’m into pornograph  CH


the serial killer is here

he shows his quilts

his magic skills

a psychopath’s embroidery

impresses Jill

she’s dressed to kill

the asymmetry  CH 


square guys in knitting circles

have a life sentence of

needles in hand


wearing their scarves, sweaters and more

dancing all night on the prison cell floors

happily clad in knitting circles

inmates in stitches for years to come

squandering time in knitting circles



down in the town where the river flows through

the US marines keep on shining their shoes

and I have to ready his room

breaking news: Michael is coming to Florida                         


in the parking lot he totaled my car

and then he blew me away by how strong he was

I hear him pound on paper thin walls

after he got in he wrecked the room, I’ll put a gun to his head


you have to go now and never come back

but you’ll keep on finding new ways to attack

I have seen what you did to Nadine

you made her really upset

now she’s moving toward the northwest


back over the Atlantic, we saw eye to eye

you would leave me and I was ready to die

shipwrecked for 38 days

the distress flare blew up in my face

but Michael is never coming back!



once in a while love will make you blind and then you lose it

you step into the gym, take another spin class cruisin’


CH  you better run with your head in the clouds

and never kneel deep down in the dirt

you better take your chances right now

and find a way to get out of the blues


once in a while you think about the time that you used to

go to your work, dressed as Captain Kirk, sucking up to   CH


all your ideas are madness

doing the whole Charles Atlas

you just have to drop this sad act

doing the whole Charles Atlas


once you realize the horse already died you stop floggin’

you plug in your guitar, listen to your heart and write a rock song   CH




if you ever need a friend

draw a figure in the sand

and let the ocean take away his feet


if you wanna find The One

detonate a fission bomb

and see who is left to meet


everything’s alright with me

Everett on the silent screen


yeah, I tried to find

some happiness at times

at the Lost and Found

I just circled around


through the arrow of time

in a parallel life

the waves were crashing at the beach


a separate Being and mind

were being crystallized

and then I spoke on the silent screen


and all I’ve got to know

is if you’re waiting when I get home



CH  John is always ill

needles in his back

did you go to work?

or did you catch the fireflies?


he drove it uphill

with the Beatles in the back

did you know, John

and did you catch the fireflies?


wherever you go

I will follow you

you don’t have to stay inside, all the time


please don’t feel low

’cause you can’t let her go

yeah, you tried and tried and tried  CH


Jonah wants to stay in the whale, it’s too late

Heaven knows, I tried to hide

from people that will hurt me, or finally desert me

Heaven knows, I’m just a nice guy

and all you said was I shouldn’t be upset


did you catch the fireflies?



here is a shout out to plastic girls

I know you will be there at the end of the world

did you make it? I hope so

will you miss me? I don’t know


well here’s a merit badge to make you feel alright

the feeling won’t last, you will cry at night

did you make it? I hope so

will you miss me? I don’t know


so long my friend

we’ve made it to the end

and there will be no-one to miss them


here’s a message from the Anthropocene

the sarcophagus has cracked, we will set you free

did you make it? I hope so

will you miss me? I don’t know


so long my friend

we’ve made it to the end

and we’re so proud, the eagle scouts have landed



Jeanne had made a call

it was wonderful to see

Anne in town that night

her husband on a leave


I didn’t have the balls

to break up with Jeanne

but I still stood tall

and hurt the woman of my dreams


CH  Jeanne I love you, everyone should know

Christ Anne, you said your man was in Japan, he saw us hand in hand

Do you have to kick me now? From one man to another:

you don’t really love her, do you?

Do you want to leave her now? Now that you’ve discovered,

Anne can’t be bothered…


crashed into a wall

it was awful to see

Anne did hit-and-run

returned to the scene


Jeanne said she saw the plates

and the driver’s face

started to shout at Anne

before they took her away CH


Anne did fifteen years

Jeanne has disappeared

and now I’m left alone

remorse for what I’ve done

we’re in a house of cards, I know

I should never have called you

never have brought you home  



late in the evening

we had a big fight

took the car, drove away

returned at night

now the house is on fire

and they won’t let me in


Jesus stay safe,

must be a natural disaster

did lightning strike?

was it a faulty wire?

she set the house on fire

and she won’t let me in


through the flames

I screamed your name

I kicked the door

out of its frame

when I heard you laughing

behind my back

I’d set myself ablaze and I was going in


Nancy we have no fire insurance

in spite of this place burning down

I love you

the time has come to have a serious talk

about fire


and then they came

the fire-fighting men,

you turned them away

you said it was lost

kept a straight face


the house is on fire

but she won’t let them in

flames in her eyes

and an evil grin

my burning heart

extinguished it

then Nancy asked, politely

if I could light her cigarette



on the day you fell from the sky

an aeroplane made it back

the pilot said you had to get out

crazy thoughts in your head


CH  falling in love, a plane that takes off

just let me take your hand

then being in love, from the sky you will drop

I think you’ll understand, we can’t just be friends


on the day we walked in the woods

I wanted to hold your hand

but I think we knew and both understood

no one could hold us back


you’re finally here

the end of all fear

the sky is so clear

love is in the air, my dear



time travelin’ ain’t a whole lot of fun

you start to bleed from your ears and you might date your mum

I know from experience when I crossed that line

I persuaded my dad to take his own life

and when you go backwards to find that girl

you run into a copy at the end of the world

they wanted me to change the past all the time

but I shook hands with ‘the devil’ and he turned out to be a very nice guy


John Wilkes Booth still got to shoot when I broke the 4th wall

another suicide note, why did you make Peg jump off of the “H”?

stowed away in Apollo 10, I tried to land it

bet on the Mets in ’86 so I could spend it


I went to her parent’s place with a straight face

and I thought “will you remember me?”

her mother opened the door and did not recognize me

she said that Mary Beth was sleeping sound but had to be fed

I said “let’s grab a bite” but then she started pushing me out


when I returned you were away

now half the girls are a world away