Recorded during the first (March) and second (October) lockdown of the covid-19 pandemic. Short compositions, sparsely arranged, recorded in my studio and in my living room (you can hear traffic passing by) and featuring a baritone ukulele, my Martin acoustic, an Erard piano, a Magnus chord organ and lots of percussion. 













Tennessee, Great Mammoth head

wrapped inside a paper bag

Dragging Canoe was left to pursue

harassment claims in fear


still there is no sign of you

you had fled the hospital room

panicking, the pandemic they set off too


Tennessee, wild buffalo herds

roaming charges were met

by injection inside, we hope you will die

the absentees still fight


[ we’re reading horse hoof tracks at best

  tracking the spread across the US ] (repeat)



late in life on the ropes

he’s walking the streets, for all I know

he came to my town, abandoned hope

didn’t pay for his meal, is all I know


been waiting around for him to show

he’s walking the streets, for all I know

he threatened our lives and our homes

completely lost it, now we know

where he spends the night is a mystery

maybe I will cross his path by chance one day 



I was grounded, you don’t wanna know

I can’t see you, they’re watching my door

I was grounded, you don’t wanna know

there she sat on the merry-go-round


CH    ooh-hoo-ooh-hoo-hoo-hoo

there she sat on the merry-go-round


there she sat with a face mask on


I was grounded, you don’t wanna know

there she sat on the merry-go-round

I was grounded, you don’t wanna know

will you return when it’s safe and sound?  CH



sad the things you used to do

we pass along the tears of youth

ask me if I’m happy, cool

but you’re clueless when it comes to the truth


we hide for the next time he’ll be dropping by

we’ll still be paralyzed


Sandman, Mr. Hyde or psychopath

sad man, totally unconscious and

don’t bother, we are through, we won’t be waiting here for you

don’t call me “brother”, just tell the truth: I’m a hand puppet to you       



maybe we

will finally crack

apes in the trees

have the last laugh


CH    the empirical man always felt a bit down

the other guy just fell straight to the ground


maybe we

hope to forget

our friends in the zoo

were turned into pets  CH


tired men circling around

in dreams we stop rebuilding our towns

it’s time to find out who we are

the rat in the cage or the man in the dark



six feet above or you’ll be six feet under

you can meditate with Gisele Bundchen

just turn off your mic


CH    we stay at home all day

connecting the pieces

we’re online all day

thinking we’re Jesus


oh my god, we all get the virus

douchebags and liars, medical suppliers

turn off the lights  CH


we stay at home all day, too bad

waiting for the test results, screw that

been stepping outside and into the night,

all alone but not afraid