This record presents you with a compilation of songs with sparse arrangements recorded between 2003 and 2019. Together they evoke the calming stillness of the forest. I captured the images you see on the cover and in the booklet with an old analogue camera somewhere in the 90s. The image at the back shows the old farm (yb 1871) where I grew up and listened at night to the sound of the wind in the poplar trees which you can see in front of the house.   




















why in the world you make me cry

I have never felt so sad

seems you don’t want me in your life

I have to bear witness to these facts


turned the stones into bread, no

I don’t think so

jumped off the pinnacle into your arms

no harm done, an angel saved my ass


fear, is the feeling I often have

but I think I’m trying the best I can

did you drive us into the arms

of total strangers who took our charms?


I was hit by a flash of light, yes

had a flashback

love made me blind like that yeah

in a split-sec, Ananias at first sight


rumour has is that you woke up

from a dream in which you took off

to the stars that shine above us

in the hearts of those who love us

those who treasure every moment of eternity


I have called you to take you with me

I have begged if He could forgive me

a wanderer with a restless soul

I can’t control

the storms that rage

the lonesome days


now the stars really shine above us

the wish I made has demonstrated

that there is a chance of pure romance

for those who stay on the heavy road

now I embrace you and hold you strong

yeah, this should be my final song

for there is no need anymore to relieve

the pains I had, the sores are healed


the script he handed me

had pages missing

and actors kissing

the prompter never got to the set

they shot him dead

blanks in his head


but the dream you had

was included for its perfect happy end


CALLOUS (the carelessness)

women in this world

are on flights that are delayed

the automatic pilot

grounds his aeroplane today

children, you were lost

they gave you electronic maps

and shepherds made their flocks

and family disappear, oh dear..


now the streets are full

of people who are watching

their smartphones

pushing the “Like” button

whenever they leave home, that’s great…


Goldilocks was tired

she undressed and slept with all the bears

in a real-time video chat

she discusses her oedipal fears, oh dear..


the bruises in my life

were self-inflicted wounds

my window dressing lies

of landing on the moon


I have let you down

just used to blame my father

reading all your letters

I just miss you more…and more



have you seen me lately?

I didn’t know what to say to you

I wish you were here ‘though


can’t you be here ‘though?

in front of you I am


can you see that now?

here I am

in front of you I stand


come in closer

come by


be here

please be here

please can you be here

be here

’cause I need you to

be here

please be here



try to simply feel

there’s a lot of love to keep

hide it under your bed

don’t forget, she’s still upset


did you feed Schrödinger’s cat?

‘cause I looked inside the box and I think he’s dead…


stored all the words you said to me

on a memory disk I keep

the world outside is unreal

parallel waves


did you feed Schrödinger’s cat?

‘cause I looked inside the box and I think he’s dead


you’re alone, I think they miss you here

they work around the clock, trying to track you down

they searched the area around the woods

even climbed the trees ‘cause they have no clue

what do you feel when you’re travelling

through a portal to the other side?



CH  January, on safari

gotta keep movin’, let’s go faster

on the streets of neon cities

don’t go shootin’ fish in barrel

I can clearly see where you’re at

I saw you aiming at the camel’s back


if this goes further, you will hurt her

you gotta get yr shit together

in the desert it’s a hazard

but downtown plastic, it’s everlasting


so where do you and I turn to next?

gotta beat the one you call your dad


I can see a face in my dreams

with eyes in the back of its head

a friendly face

I know it’s Death


I can see you’ve changed the way you feel about me

when I got up on my feet and hoped I would heal

all the wounds that he inflicted on me

a psychopath has eyes in the back of his head  CH


burn all the bridges in the world

I am sure we can cross that river if we want to

I know that you want to, I know that you’d love to

finish our ride, finish (it) alright (2x)

one day we will be together again



you’re just into it and every night you’re getting wasted

I heard you talkin’ about the guy next door and now I love you

on the carousel she’s dangling her feet

don’t go kicking,  your horse won’t go faster

it stays put, it is wood

carousel-rider, the drinks you will buy her

it’s only ’cause you’re lonely


oh, you show no signs of weakness

oh my god, you have no mercy

now I know you’re a stranger like me

we’re the ones with a fractured psyche


on New Year’s eve in separate rooms

we had to count down to midnight

everybody’s uptight

on New Year’s eve in a medical pot shop

you broke and entered

and now I don’t know if I love you


she hates me and hurts me

she loves me and wants me

I can’t be your friend when you’re around me



come on now, don’t be scared, move a little closer

I will be here for you, holding you tender

take a risk, hurry up, I will do no harm now

I’ll make sure you have everything you ever dreamed of


beauty, I keep gazing

oh amazing, you are here

you are here


slow, slow

soft and tender

warm and gentle

you are here

you are here



run back towards the home plate

she has a see-through

I wish I knew her


a gunshot in the backyard

his eyes are piercing

he missed a soda can


no-one understands you

just try to memorize

the names of Family Ties

and then Mallory started shooting crystal meth


she saw I was looking really sad

man versus time

a patient’s central line

infected by a pornographic

check your water supply

and then you find a way

to leave your lover behind

she was all you needed



one in the bed

one on the couch

she wants to move

out of the house

is this what we have come to?

is this a phase we can go through?

does she buy some time or is she over me?


one in the belly

one passes through

like a wounded animal

you had to shoot

is this what we have come to?

is there still a future for me and you?

does she need some time or is she over me?


lights on, do keep the lights on

there’s a darkness creeping in and over me


at 2 A.M.

she broke the news

I found a way

to carry on

and now you’re a ghost in the room


the silhouettes of you and me

had been there on a sunny day

I hope the end resolves to the tonic



girl when you spin it

then you never want to go home

I was asking you for a dance

but you said repeatedly ‘no’


storm clouds gather in the american sky

it ain’t hope what you will find

but there’s a strong wind that will blow

through our hidden undertows


are you set to marry

the first man to set foot

on the shore of your eyes of mourning?

yeah, I think that you should


and I tried to swim to the light

but I couldn’t grab your hand

I drowned but I’m still awake



none other Lord than He sees

mother drags the child and he weeps

the fields are now hay and he sweeps

that lovely little girl I used to know

took herself off with the cattle and the plough


this time we’ll think about what the parson has said:

“I know He’s with me and will be after I’m dead,

they puncture my head with the Ten Commandments,

they wanna go up that hill but they don’t wanna do it themselves”

let’s call it even

I don’t wanna go in the desert, for 40 days


at least you’re beautiful

at least, you are beautiful

you are beautiful



when you came across

the people that we lost

my nightingale

sang its lonely song to me


and now the day has come

she brought along a gun

why do birds not fall out of trees when they sleep?


when you hurt the person you loved

and my breath suddenly stopped

my nightingale

sang its lonely song to me



goodnight and drive home safely

the end of desolation

and friends turned out to be friends

and I had my chance

I took my chance


goodnight and drive home safely

I hope you’ll arrive in time

I won’t be there ’cause you don’t want me there