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The Doorman all over the world:

In the summer of 2011 I left three compact discs at designated locations in the Haute Savoie region of the French Alps, Stralsund (Germany) and Zurich (Switzerland). People who found the CD should (have) follow(ed) the instructions carefully and have safely surfed to this URL! BTW, these instructions do not aim at any kind of act of terrorism or revolution. I just asked, for example, when Rick Astley was born (6-2-66)..








In June 2011 I left a bouquet of flowers in the box of a delivery cycle parked at Utrecht Central Station, The Netherlands. Kim van der Meulen turned out to be the lucky woman who received the flowers (see picture above). Kim is a freelance journalist, check out her portfolio on this website!

In March 2009 I left a promo-EP called The Doors Are After Me !!! behind in a tray just in front of The Doors (…) at Amoeba Records, San Francisco, CA, USA. It’s a unique copy featuring five demo’s. If you’ve picked it up, treasure it! 










In July 2008 I deposited another message in a bottle in the vast waters of planet Earth. This time somewhere between Calais and Dover, so in the Strait of Dover. Please pick it up. The environment needs you to do it.








At the end of May 2008 I left a bookmark (shown below) in a copy of The Bible in a hotel room (Millennium Hotel) in St. Louis, MO, USA. If you’ve found it you may read about the resurrection of Jesus Christ but you may also prefer to focus on the bookmark instead. Where is The Doorman?





In April 2008 I bought a pint of beer (most probably) in Edinburgh, Scotland using a five pound note with obviously my URL written on it. Neatly in a fold of an already crappy note and not across the Queen’s face.







In July 2007 I left a cassette tape of The Doorman at a punk gig in Andorra la Vella (…)  with the message “play me” at the front (on top of a picture of WWII-bombed factories in Rotterdam..). This tape contains some demonic vocal fragments, a completely fucked up bagpiper and a live performance of Guided by Voices on Dutch radio (circa 1997). I did make a picture of the tape with a disposable camera but something went wrong..










In December 2006 the above depicted bill was pasted on a post near the Schöngauerallee in Berlin. It hopefully will draw the attention to The Doorman, your Saviour who will redeem current entertainment industry from bland vulgarity and inanity as exposed by the likes of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. 

At the end of September 2005 a small plastic bottle containing a note (SOS) was thrown from the ferry between Barcelona and Ibiza in the big wild sea. Sooner or later this will come ashore and maybe in your hands! I’m sorry to have introduced another plastic item in our beloved environment but…that’s all the more reason for you to pick it up.








In June 2005 a 5 euro bill was handed over at a bus ticket agency in San Sebastian (Spain). Handwritten on this bill is: “connect ->”. (I do not take any responsibility for people stupid enough to print out the images below and who try to use them as a legal tender…).






In April 2005 a dollar bill was handed over at a New York (USA) bagel stall. It’s a $1 bill with handwritten: “connect:” (or at least something like that). This is in fact the old URL but people who have had the honour to have this particular bill in their possession should have been properly directed to this place.





I repeat, the ink on the dollar bill does NOT contain any traces of anthrax nor do I support global terrorism in any way.

Did you find any of the above? Do you have it in your possession?
Please contact me at and tell me who you are, where and when the object came into your possession and your favourite band… 🙂