The cd market is dying a slow and painful death. By 2013/2014 it will all be but a distant memory.
(La La Land Records, Film Score Monthly forum)

Just when the compact disc format is on life support and about to be unplugged, The Doorman celebrated late 2013 the 50th birthday of the compact cassette by starting a series of tape releases. “The Doorman compact cassette series” features C-20 format cassettes containing previously unreleased material from the vaults, spanning the period of 1999 to the present. So, time to dust off your cassette player and tune in! (well actually, I am so kind to upload the tapes on Bandcamp…)





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​​#1 –  Fremdkörper  – (2013)

​​#2 –  потерянный  – (2015) 

​​#3 –  pop psych 101  – (2015) 

​​#4 –  Tape Recorded; for the lo-fi enthusiast  – (2018)

​​#5 –  ballroom music (fuck no)  – (2019)

​​#6 –  halfway house  – (2019) 

​​#7 –  technicolor beaches  – (2019)