update 25 Dec 2019


In the past month I upped the ante in my release schedule and added two more cassettes to The Doorman compact cassette series: halfway house and technicolor beaches. Earlier this year the first official The Doorman LP from early backwoods neglect was self-released, a record mostly compiled from several old demo albums spanning the 2004-2017 era. The album can be streamed in its entirety on Bandcamp.


A lot of stuff is in development. I might open the floodgates in 2020 and release tons of material. Or I might succumb to my own perfectionism and restrict myself again to release a cassette or two with shit from 2002.. đŸ˜€

Recordings are almost finished for star, life and eagle, an exciting mid-fi LP record showcasing improved recording, mixing and producing skills (..). A melee of CATCHY short indie rock tunes and singer-songwriter ballads. This will be professionally mastered by an external party. Next to this, recordings are almost done for Tinker. Tailor. Motherfucker. An EP (I will try not to exceed the 30 minute mark) with indie rock songs, mostly in alternate tunings. The songs and structure for another EP/LP is already conceived and some of this stuff has already been recorded. Still, there is Night Doorman, an ambient (electronic music) record, which has already been slowly evolving towards finalization over the last 6 years. And who knows a whopping C90 (!!) cassette called discount bin nightmare might release a great deal of the ~200 songs that were worth retrieving from a back-up CD collection (I still have to go through ~22 cassettes…).

Stay tuned!

The Doorman